ALPAHABET – is representing the screening platform of – The New Museum of Networked Art. From January 2021 on, ALPHABET will present an unique and exclusive program of audio-visual art, not only video, but also sonic art @ the new soundspace – and interactive art.

ALPHABET screenings

January-February 2021

Cinema SVideo Art MidenThe DarkRooms
27 January – 27 February 2021

On occasion of the
International Holocaust Commemoration Day – 27 January 2021
commemorating the Liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp on 27 January 1945

The d/i/light Memorial
100 Artists Commemorate the Victims of the Holocaust- Artists Against Racism & anti-Semitism
is happy to present a selection from SHoah Film Collection

featuring videos by

Tova Beck-Friedman, Irena Paskali, Dova Cahan, Peter Freund, Deborah Sfez, Istvan Horkay, Mária Júdová, Isabel Perez del Pulgar, Alessandro Fonte , Alicia Felberbaum, Myriam Thyes, Susanne Wiegner, Paolo Ottonello, Maria Korporal, Valerio Murat and Antonio Poce, Mariusz Wirski, Brigitte Neufeldt, Steven Ausherman, Doron Polak & Uri Dushy, Shelley Jordon, Marcantonio Lunardi, Jacob J. Podber, Isabelle Rozenbaum, Felice Hapetzeder , Christiano Berti, Doris Neidl, Anetta Kapon, Angelina Voskopoulos, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair, Maja Schweizer, Rolanda Teicher Yekutiel , KirsiMarja Metsähuone, Boris Sribar, Theme Bannenberg & Nok Snel, Brian Delevie, Yochai Avrahami & Karin Eliyahu, Grace Graupe Pillard, Tammy Mike Laufer

Enter Cinema S

01-31 January 2021

The New Museum of Networked Art
guest @ Video Art Miden Kalamata

presenting the New Years Program
TIME Quarantined
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

List of videos

Karin & Didi Fromherz (Switzerland) – Handshake, 2014, 4:30
Ronnie Sluik (Netherlands) – Ronnie Likes to Know, 2017, 1’13
Jason Jenn (USA) – We Wear Many Different Masks, 2020, 3:00
Alexandra Anikina (Russia) – Some Entropy in Your Tea, 2013, 8:15
Brit Bunkley (New Zealand) – Pillard of Cloud, 2016, 4:00
Johannes C. Gerard (Germany) – Isolate, 2019, 2:58
Louise Coetzer (RSA) – Dead Air, 2011, 5:12
Arie Sigal & Ben-David Sigal (Israel) – Perlite, 2018, 4:17
Lisi Prada (Spain) – State of Emergency, 2020, 3:30
Shahar Marcus & Hagit Grossman (Israel)- Johanna and Me, 2020, 9:58
Farid Hamedi // Rohina (Iran) – A Chair For All, 2019, 7:44
Vojislav Radovanovic (Serbia/USA) – Suburbia, 2020, 11:00
Katya Yakubov ( Uzbekistan) – Migration, 2014, 1:33

Curatorial statement
In these times of the pandemic many people become aware of the restrictions of the “usual”. Those things which were taken for granted before receive suddenly an unusual status. Time seems to be paralyzed, set in quarantine – or is it just a paradigm shift?
The program of the selected videos is a composition of different aspects of time in all their contradictions according to an artistic view manifested in 13 art videos by
Karin & Didi Fromherz, Ronnie Sluik, Jason Jenn, Alexandra Anikina, Brit Bunkley, Johannes C.Gerard, Louise Coetzer, Arie & Ben David Sigal, Lisi Prada, Shahar Marcus & Hagit Großman, Farid Hamedi, Vojislav Radovanovi?, Katya Yakubov


ALPHABET @ Video Art Miden