ALPAHABET – is representing the screening platform of – The New Museum of Networked Art. In April 2021 on, ALPHABET will start a new era of cultural activities online, and later in an exchange between physical and virtual space by presenting an unique and exclusive program of audio-visual art, not only video, but also sonic art @ the new soundspace – and interactive art.

ALPHABET screenings +

02-31 October 2021

Summer 2021Silvia de Gennaro - SOLOMoving The Change @ OTR VF Lucca ALPHA Darkrooms

ALPHABET Art Center – initiated in 2020 as a temporary art space during the Corona pandemic, will be re-opened as the new exhibition platform for digital art (video art, sonic art, interactive art) @ The New Museum of Networked Art – on 1 April 2021 by launching at ALPHABET Cinema –

Video Art – Autumn 2021

02-31 October 2021

The Italian video artist –
Silvia de Gennaro – video artist of October 2020 – is featured during October 2021
CiNEMA de Gennaro

02-31 October 2021

– Moving The Change @ curated BY Wilfried Agricola de Cologne @ Over The Real Video Art Festival 2020


01 – 31October 2021

CiNEMA de Gennaro

Silvia De Gennaro
lives and works in Rome, Italy.
Since 1999 she is a founding member of “Assaus” together with the architect Alessio Scarale.
For twenty years she has been dealing with digital art, video art and animation.
Her works have participated in several video art exhibitions and film festivals around the world, such as:
Bnl Media Art Festival, IT; Video Formes , FR; Current New Media, U.S.A.; F.I.L.E. , BRA; Visionaria, IT; Madatac, ES; Invideo, IT; Magmart, IT; Athens Video Art Festival, GR; Brooklyn Film Festival, U.S.A.; ECU, FR; Interfilm Berlino, D; Nastri d’Argento, IT.
Currently her work is divided between the realization of social and political themed video and a project about the city and the perception of the traveler, entitled “Travel Notebooks”.

Participant in
CologneOFF VII – International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF VIII – International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF IX – International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF 2015 – International Videoart Festival
The Refugee Film Collection

Complete bio

CINEMA de Gennaro

02-31 October 2021


Moving The Change

Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
@ Over The Real Videoart Festival Lucca 2020

James Murphy (Ireland) – Moving Water, 2019, 1:59
Marcha Schagen (Netherlands) – Melt Less CO2, 2019, 3:48
Abe Abraham (USA) – Salt Water, 2017, 5:52
Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – Sunrise, 2019, 5: 46
Xia Han (China) – The Gift, 2019, 14: 23
Claudia Borgna (Italy) – L’ultimo Accordo I, 2016, 06:05
Carolin Koss (Finland) – Plastic Child, 2016, 12:11
Fran Orallo (Spain) – Death Dance, 2017, 1:00
Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Horizon, 2019, 5:08
Shon Kim (South Korea) – Latent Sorrow – 2006, 3:30

Read the report by Claudia Borgna about the screening @ Over The Real Video Art Festival Lucca on 01 October 2020.


The term “darkroom” refers to the screening spaces museums often establish for the presentation of audio-visual works, which usually are difficult to be handled in conventional museum exhibitions due to the audio aspect.

The ALPHABET DarkRooms are dedicated to cooperating institutions and the presented curated programs forming the unity of an artistic contexts. Some cooperations like CeC – Carnival of e-Creativity were lasting 10 years generating a more comprehensive context than Tenri in 2015, for instance, which however is unique this way, that the curated video programs were created for this special purpose, but this is generally good for most DarkRoom video programs.